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About us


The Lazaridis Students’ Society is the governing student body for the Lazaridis School of Business and Economics. This student-run organization oversees our 21 clubs, committees, and associations, which all provide opportunities to enhance the University experience for our 6,000 undergraduate students. LazSoc acts as a link that connects students, faculty, and alumni throughout our community.

The Lazaridis Students’ Society works each year to continue enhancing the undergraduate student experience by inspiring learning, fostering a collaborative environment, and providing students with opportunities to push their own boundaries and discover their passions.

our team

Hayley Everett

Executive Vice President

Katherine Gotovsky

Product Manager

Catalina Garzon

Director of Clubs & Strategy

Matt MacKay

VP of Corporate Relations

Aakash Khosla

Director of Sponsorships

Ashhad Kabeer

Corporate Relations Specialist

Thomas Andress

Events Manager

Rachel Proctor

Events Manager

Lisa Levitan

Director of Philanthropy

Rachel Megit

Event Manager

Madiah Hayat

External Director of Finance

Zarin Tasnim

External Director of Finance

Yomna Ibrahim

Internal Director of Finance

Matt Crozzoli

External Director of Finance

Jackson Relouw

External Director of Finance

Haleigh Running

Executive Assistant

Matthew Davis

Director of Alumni Relations

Gabriela Morales

Internal Director

Julia Christopherakos

VP of Marketing

Khooshbu Desai

Marketing Manager

Brice Zhao

Multimedia Manager

Amir Ghaemian

Marketing Analyst

Daniel Tassone

Director of Cases & Competitions

Owen Smith

Merchandise and Brand Manager

Cierra Bird

Projects Manager

Carter Pearen

Design Director

Adam Wali


Hayden Carver