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About us


The Lazaridis Students’ Society is the governing student body for the Lazaridis School of Business and Economics. This student-run organization oversees our 21 clubs, committees, and associations, which all provide opportunities to enhance the University experience for our 6,000 undergraduate students. LazSoc acts as a link that connects students, faculty, and alumni throughout our community.

The Lazaridis Students’ Society works each year to continue enhancing the undergraduate student experience by inspiring learning, fostering a collaborative environment, and providing students with opportunities to push their own boundaries and discover their passions.

our team

Catalina Garzon

Vice President of Club Strategy

Isaac Boutin

Director of Club Strategy

Bella Brodeur

Director of Corporate Outreach

Thomas Andress

Vice President of Corporate Relations

Maddie Kenny

Director of Alumni Relations

Ethan Thompson

Director of Sponsorship

Niko Chilakos

Internal Director of Finance

Jared Wilke

Vice President of Finance

Lauren Pope

External Director of Finance

Julie Tanna

Director of Conference and Competition

Travis Braine

External Director of Finance

Prateek Bedi

External Director of Finance

Mackenzie Sparks

Vice President of Internal Affairs

Silvia Mustafaja

Director of Administrative Affairs

Stella Chen

Multimedia Manager

Sean Cornelius

Projects Manager

Jessica Wong

Design Director

Khooshbu Desai

Vice President of Marketing

Elaine Cheung

Marketing Manager

Angela Huo

Design Director

Julia Mercier

Events Manager

Victoria Hunt

Director of Philanthropy

Cierra Bird

Vice President of Operations

Katia Izvoztchikova

Events Manager

Haleigh Running


Deveena Bharat

Product Management Director

Andrew Liutiev

Vice President of Technology

Michael Veloso

Software Developer