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About us


The Lazaridis Students’ Society strives to enhance the student experience of every Lazaridis student by providing opportunities for students to discover and pursue their passions.

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our team

Emily Fraser

VP of Clubs & Associations

Kara McDowell

VP of Internal Operations

Gabriela Morales

Internal Director

Tyler De Sousa

Director of Philanthropy

Dayna Nairn

VP of Clubs & Associations

Adam Wali

Director of Club Strategy

Sam Hall

VP of Finance

Hayden Carver

External Director of Finance

Jackson Relouw

External Director of Finance

Blair Forrest

Director of Case & Competitions

Alex O’Hara

Internal Director of Finance

Hannah Baillie

VP of Corporate Relations

Luca Malatesta

Corporate Relations Specialist

Ashhad Kabeer

Director of Sponsorships

Joseph Tung

Director of Alumni Relations

Mahad Aamir

VP of Marketing

Alex Martin

Multimedia Manager

Grayson Hunter

Marketing Manager

Maddy Rotman

Design Director

Julia Christopherakos

Merchandise & Brand Manager

Hayley McGoldrick

Editor in Chief of the Lazaridis Business Review

Shivansh Patel

Director of Marketing

Natasha Kasunic

Web Developer

Harsh Joshi

Web Developer

Alex Watson

VP of Events

Jenna Greenspoon

Events Manager

Hayley Everett

Events Manager

Samia Sami

Events Manager

Cody Campbell

First Year Executive (Corporate/Finance)

Haleigh Running

First Year Executive (Club Strategy)