My name is Emily Fraser. I am a second year BBA Co-op student and this year I have had the privilege of being a part of the Laurier JDCC Debate team. During my first year, I always looked up to people who were a part of the team and aspired to be a part of it in my second year. I can truly say it is one of the most incredible opportunities I have ever had the chance to take part in and I can truly say that I walked away with an immense amount of new skills and knowledge that I use on a day-to-day basis.


I am a true believer that learning does not happen in a lecture hall or in an exam room but it occurs when you are pushed to think for yourself and apply what you know to create innovative solutions for real-life problems. This is exactly what JDCC allows you to do. It is a unique experience in which you are placed with over 40 of Laurier’s brightest students and asked to spend countless hours practicing to be the best. I think that JDCC really has two very important prongs to it. The first is those countless hours practicing with your team. I found it absolutely incredible how much you can learn from the people that you surround yourself with and like I said before you are surrounded with Laurier’s brightest students and with some of the most incredible coaches. Being around very like-minded individuals ignites a passion for business and learning that I cannot put into words. You will experience a very one-on-one coaching approach that will encapsulate everything that you have learned in your undergrad so far. The next prong is about being the best. I have to say that when you are representing your school and the stakes are who will be named the best business school in Canada it pushes you to work harder and study more than your average course. The competition element that exists in the JDCC program drives you to never settle for your best but to continue to push harder and tackle each case with even more determination. I can honestly say that JDCC will push you to be the best version of yourself.


The Debate competition is structured differently than any of the academic teams. Instead of having three hours to prepare a presentation you are only given 30-45 minutes to prepare cohesive arguments and rebuttals with your team. This means you need to be very familiar with the wide range of topics that are debatable in the competition. Last year we debated everything from universal basic income to the implementation of crypto-currencies to whether or not to ban cosmetic surgery. The best way to train for this stream of competition is to keep yourself informed about topical issues and the news. Most of the debate topics are ones that are being debated currently within our country. Reading the news as much as possible and finding arguments for both sides of a topic is very important. One of the most challenging things to do as a debater is getting comfortable with confidently debating a side you may not personally agree with. Start changing your perception of current issues and try to understand the arguments from both sides. It will give you a more rounded opinion that will allow you to really thrive in the debate competition.


Apply now for the 2019 JDCC Team at If you would like more information about the JDCC team I encourage you to attend the information session that will be happening on Saturday, March 3rdat 11:00 AM in LH3094. During the information session, you will receive some invaluable case tips that will help prepare you for the tryout. If you have any questions please reach out to myself or to

I hope to see many of you at the information session. Good luck with your application!