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Tuesday, January 01, 2019

1. What is the most memorable part of your time at Laurier so far?

My favourite memory from Laurier so far has to be last St.Patrick’s day. My best friends from home go to school up in Belleville, and Ryerson so it was the first time that they came down to Laurier for a weekend. I also met a few people in residence that have become some of my close friends today. Also who can’t forget the atmosphere itself on Ezra. When you hear of Laurier, first thing that comes to mind is St.Paddy’s day. And honestly it was one of the best moments of first year and definitely lived up to all the hype.

2. What program are you in and what is your favourite part about it?

Currently I am in my second year of the Kinesiology program. One thing I love about the program is its small size. Class sizes are typically around 120, sometimes even less so you really get to know the people in the program. Also with the small program size you are able to build a  connection with the professors. Being in my second year, I’ve already had 3 of the same professors from first year, and even had one of my tutorial instructors as a prof.  So unlike other universities, where classes can be 300+, having small class sizes and being able to have some sort of a relationship to Profs in the program really make you feel that you’re not “just another number”.

Another great part of the program are the practical courses we take. First year it was all about basic movement skills, such as kicking, throwing, etc. This past semester I took KP200 which was Team, Individual and Dual Sports. Once a week we have a 90-minute tutorial where all we do is play unique sports. Whether it be a combination of soccer and rugby, or squash and volleyball these practical courses are fun to participate in and also a great way to relieve some stress.

3. Have you gotten involved at Laurier and if so, how?

First year I didn’t get involved in much because I wanted to focus on the transition from High School to University, but I did a few intramural sports with RAC and joined the Athletic Therapy club. This year I was fortunate enough to be one of the trainers for the Laurier Baseball team. It was the first time in the programs history that they’ve had a male trainer, so it was pretty intimidating on the first day coming into training camp. I was lucky enough to have another awesome trainer with me who was with the team last year who introduced me to the guys on the team and walked me through the teams routines. Overall the season went well, had a great group of guys and coaches on the team, and ended up short of our goal finishing 2nd in the OUA championship. I’m pretty confident in saying that next year Laurier will be the 2018 baseball OUA champions.

4. If you could travel anywhere in the world where would you go and why?

If I could travel anywhere in the world it would have to be Iceland. During the Euro in 2016 I played a joke on my Dad and went out and bought Iceland flags for his car, mainly because nobody had a clue what the Iceland flag looked like, and I thought they were going to do poorly in the tournament. Sure enough, I was wrong and they made it to the quarters, but I fell in love with the country. The scenery there is absolutely stunning, not to mention the sick lagoons they have.

5. If you were given the opportunity to land whatever job you wanted what would it be and why?

As a kid growing up I always wanted to play in the NHL. I’m a huge hockey fan that loves the Leafs and always dreamed of scoring that game winning goal bringing the Stanley Cup back to Toronto after 50 years (they’re going to win it within the next 5 years mark my words). However, I came to the quick realization that I was not good enough to make the show so I set my eyes on being a pediatric orthopedic surgeon. I shattered my patella into 7 pieces back in 2012 and seeing the work surgeons do and how they aid the process of recovery  really grabbed my attention. Despite the pressure, I think it’s a really rewarding occupation.

6. What is your all time favourite junk food?

My all time favourite junk food is salt and vinegar chips. They are so addicting; you think you’re only having a few then next thing you know the whole bag is gone. I’m more of a Miss Vickies kind of guy, I think they have a bit more of a crunch and substance to them in comparison to Lays. Either way though give me any bag of S&V chips, and it’s a dangerous combination.

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