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Lazaridis Latest: Menley Langham

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Tuesday, January 01, 2019

1. What has been your favourite part about living in residence this year?

I have had so many amazing memories in Residence! My favourite part would have to be being a part of House Council. I absolutely love planning and organizing social and academic-based events for our entire residence. Being a member of House Council has given me the opportunity to be a part of a new family. On Wednesdays we talk, laugh and joke around until midnight and I am so grateful for all of the amazing friends I have made. Not only am I fortunate enough to be a member of a community, but having a leadership position is beyond incredible. It has truly helped me build character and it has also enhanced my leadership skills. Besides House Council, I love watching movie marathons in the lounge, baking cookies with my floor and having group study sessions!

2. Have you gotten involved at Laurier? If so, what have you done?

I have definitely gotten involved here at Laurier, and I am super glad that I did. I am a member of House Council, a part of the Women’s Varsity Swim Team, and an advocate for mental health through SAHMI, a student-athlete mental health initiative. Training 20 hours/week can be challenging with academics, but it is all worth it when I represent Laurier at competitions. I am so grateful to be able to surround myself with a team of hard-working athletes, who have become my second family. I am also very passionate about raising awareness for mental health, especially with student-athletes. Finally, House Council has provided me with so many opportunities and I love being in a leadership position!

3. If you could see 24 hours into the future, what would you do with this ability?

If I could see 24 hours into the future, I would buy a winning lotto ticket. With that money, I would travel the world, learn about new cultures and help those who are less fortunate. I would also play the stock market, and use that money to buy a nice house. I would donate the rest to charity!

4. Who is the most interesting person you have met on campus and why?

The most interesting person I have met on campus is Sofy Carayannopoulos. BU111 was my very first university class, and Sofy made everything seem less scary. (Despite her e-mail, scarayannopoulous). She is a genuine, funny person and she is very accommodating with my athletic commitments. From the upbeat opening music before class to twinning with her in a unicorn onesie on Halloween, she is a super cool prof. Plus, she brought her remote controlled Nemo balloon to class. Just for fun.

5. In your opinion what is the best meal to grab on campus and where is your favourite study spot?

My schedule is super busy and I am always running from class, to swim practice, to class, to a group meeting… so I usually eat on-the-go. I absolutely love Byte’s grilled cheese. Since I am a BBA student, most of my classes are in Lazaridis Hall and Byte is super convenient. But seriously… their grilled cheese is amazing. I learned very quickly that I cannot study in residence, there are too many distractions. My favourite study spot is the Solarium. The beautiful windows let in tons of natural light and the seats are extremely comfy. It’s certainly a great place to study if you’re looking for a quiet and independent space to work. However, the 24-hr lounge is amazing for all of those late nights.

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