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ABOUT Laurier Investment and Finance Association

Laurier Investment and Finance Association (LIFA) is a crucial organization to help position students for a career in finance.


LIFA was first founded on March 1, 2012, when the Laurier Investment Association and the Laurier Finance Association decided to merge. It was decided that members would benefit more from learning about both finance and investments, as well as getting the added bonus of a larger network of students and increased financial expertise. Finance and investments go hand in hand making it crucial to learn about both. LIFA has been able to help educate Laurier students on both of these topics through weekly general meetings and events.


LIFA covers concepts from company valuation to mastering your resume and cover letter in order to give you an edge when competing for finance roles. LIFA puts an emphasis on mentorship to help create a strong network of motivated students and to build upon Laurier’s brand in the financial sector.

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