Co-President – Lazaridis


It’s time for the current LAA Co-Presidents to pass the torch on for 2020-2021! If you think that you would be an excellent candidate for the role of President on the Laurier Accounting Association then you’ve come to the right place…

The role of President on Laurier Accounting Association involves leading and overseeing the club while planning, developing, and implementing the club’s platform to enhance the student experience at the Lazaridis School. The President is also responsible for ensuring all Lazaridis Students’ Society and Students’ Union policies are met, managing Laurier Accounting Association’s Vice President team, and communicating on a continuous basis with the LazSoc VP of Clubs & Associations.

Presidents are expected to attend all President training sessions with the Lazaridis Students’ Society and bi-weekly president meetings. The president is accountable for maintaining a professional environment for their team throughout the year, and responsibly handling any situations that arise.

Please note that applications are due Friday March 27th at 11:59pm. Interviews will be held via phone interview the weekend of March 29th with the outgoing president(s). Please be prepared to speak about your ideas to better the Laurier Accounting Association in greater depth during the interview. If you have any questions please contact <>.

An ideal candidate is one who demonstrates: – Incredibly Strong Leadership Qualities – Ability to Work in a Team – Strategic Thinking – Excellent Work Ethic – Creativity and the Ability to Adapt to Change – Previous Experience with Laurier Accounting Association is an Asset