Diector of Club Strategy – Lazaridis

Diector of Club Strategy

The Director of Club Strategy is responsible for providing support to all Lazaridis Students’ Society clubs & associations to help them achieve maximum efficiency. This includes providing training and development, mentorship, and supporting both individual club initiatives and collaborations between clubs. The Director of Club Strategy will be responsible for the enforcement of the Lazaridis Students’ Society Clubs Policy Handbook among our clubs & associations, holding clubs accountable for their events, online presence, and actions. The Director of Club Strategy will work closely with our affiliated clubs & associations, maintaining close relations with all club presidents and their executive teams to generate new ideas and provide support through a proactive approach. The Director of Club Strategy will also assist in the development and improvement of the Lazaridis Students’ Society Club Portal to improve upon the means of support that LazSoc is able to provide its affiliated clubs & associations. The Director of Club Strategy will report directly to the VP of Clubs & Associations.


  • Previous leadership experience, ideally within Lazaridis Students’ Society or an affiliated club is an asset for this position
  • Prior Lazaridis Students’ Society Club experience as well as internal experience is a major asset for this position.
  • This position will require strong communication skills and an ability to problem solve in high stress situations to act as a consultant for clubs facing pressing issues, including HR issues as well as external issues.
  • Must be able to act as a liaison between our affiliated clubs & associations and the Lazaridis Students’ Society
  • Must possess strong organizational skills with the ability to manage an extensive and variable workload, ensuring timely and accurate completion of assigned work while managing multiple ongoing responsibilities

Apply Here: https://forms.gle/fqxqGCZPg42ahhtk9