Director of Conference and Competition – Lazaridis

Director of Conference and Competition

The Director of Conference and Competition role is an integrative role that will be working with both the Finance and Corporate Partnerships portfolios. The purpose of this role is to ensure our students have opportunities and resources for success in conferences and competitions.

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Identify potential conferences and competitions that may be of interest of the student body
  • Publish opportunities on the Lazaridis Students’ Society website
  • Maintain strong relationships with various business schools and organizations
  • Ensure the consistency and organization of the conference and competition program
  • Ensure reimbursements abide by the Conferences and Competitions guidelines
  • Report unusual or questionable findings to the Vice President of Finance of the Lazaridis Students’ Society

To succeed in this role, it is recommended that the applicant possesses a strong understanding of the Financial Policy and can devote 5-10 hours per week in the Fall and Winter, and 3-5 hours in the Spring. Applicants will need to have strong communication skills and overall professionalism for success in this role. You will act as the main point of contact for all Lazaridis Students’ that wish to attend conferences and competitions in the upcoming year. In addition, you will also act as our point of outreach between the Lazaridis Students’ Society, and other business schools and organizations.

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