Director of Sponsorship – Lazaridis

Director of Sponsorship

The Director of Sponsorship will act as the primary voice of the Corporate Relations portfolio in regard to external sponsors for the Lazaridis Students’ Society. This position is responsible for creating partnerships on behalf of the Lazaridis Students’ Society, and bringing value to students by creating recruitment opportunities through company representative presence on campus or in attendance at our events. The ideal candidate thrives in team settings and has an exceptional ability to take initiative in pursuing unprompted tasks. The Director of Alumni Relations will report to the incoming Vice-President of Corporate Relations, Thomas Andress.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Actively seek sponsorship opportunities from a variety of fields, including but not limited to: technology, finance, marketing, sales, operations, logistics, accounting, real estate, et cetera.
  • Secure substantial deals between the Lazaridis Students’ Society and the sponsor, with the support of the Vice President of Corporate Relations.
  • Oversee the external interactions of the portfolio in regard to reaching corporate sponsors for the Lazaridis Students’ Society, with a specific focus on large and unique corporations.
  • Spearhead ad hoc tasks throughout the Corporate Relations portfolio and the organization as a whole.
  • Collaborate very closely with both of the other Corporate Directors to secure partnerships with corporations.

Time dedication of 12-15 hours weekly, with a heavy time commitment over the summer term and midway into the fall semester

The perfect candidate:

  • Excellent selling, communication, and leadership skills
  • Committed, punctual, professional, and persistent
  • Capacity to handle rejection and failure with poise
  • Hard worker, willing to prioritize the role above other extra-curricular activities
  • Self-starting nature, exhibits resourcefulness in seeking beneficial new initiatives
  • Strong vision and planning skills for goal accomplishment
  • Embodies the “work hard, play hard” attitude
  • Always has a smile on their face

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