External Director of Finance – Lazaridis

External Director of Finance

The External Director of Finance (3) will be working closely alongside the VP of Finance and the Executive VP to ensure consistency when dealing with the finances of the Lazaridis Students’ Society. Acting as an integrative role, the External Director of Finance is the main point of contact for 12 Clubs and Associations, providing guidance and support in spending, budgeting and all financial activities.

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Ensure the consistency and organization of all Lazaridis Students’ Society clubs’ and associations’ finances;
  • Update and reconcile internal tracking of clubs’ and associations’ financial activity;
  • Compare the records of the clubs and associations to the records of the Wilfrid Laurier University Students’ Union and the Lazaridis Students’ Society internal records;
  • Meet with the clubs’ and associations’ Vice Presidents of Finance on a weekly basis for reports and updates; and
  • Report unusual or questionable findings to the Vice President of Finance of the Lazaridis Students’ Society

To succeed in this role, it is recommended that the applicant possesses a strong understanding of the Financial Policy and can devote 10-15 hours per week in the Fall and Winter, and 3-5 hours in the Spring. Strong communication skills and overall professionalism will be imperative to the success of the role.

Apply Here: https://forms.gle/SQaPeBnyvgwfJRHo8