Marketing Manager – Lazaridis

Marketing Manager


The Marketing Manager is responsible for aiding and overseeing the Marketing portfolio. They are responsible for developing, implementing and executing marketing plans for the Lazaridis Students’ Society in order to provide value for Lazaridis students. They work closely with the Vice President of Marketing to ensure that marketing initiatives are executed smoothly. A regular week will consist of updating the LazSoc social media accounts with new content that students would find value in, whilst working alongside other portfolio members to run creative projects. The Marketing Manager will also work towards the content creation for the LazSoc website and develop innovative ways to increase traffic on all of our platforms. The ideal candidate will be passionate about LazSoc and proactive when it comes to innovating the brand.


~ Ability to respond timely to messages

~ Innovative ideas for LazSoc to take on

~ Initiative and proactive approach towards responsibilities

~ Strong organizational and time-management skills

~ (Preferred) Experience with handling professional social media accounts

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