Catalina Garzon – Lazaridis

Catalina Garzon

Hi, my name is Catalina Garzon and I’m a third year BBA student. I am this year’s Vice President of Club Strategy, where we help to provide the utmost value to all Lazaridis students with our diverse 21 clubs and committees. It’s the perfect community to join to meet your future industry professionals and get real exposure to the many functional areas of business. The strategy role is interesting and exciting because it keeps challenging me to problem solve or analyze club situations in new ways! I recommend all Laurier students to find something you’re passionate about and that challenges you, to be a part of during your university experience! Outside the Laz walls, I love to travel, paint and read! If you have any club, academic, co-op, or miscellaneous questions, I am always happy to help!


Vice President of Club Strategy