Matt MacKay – Lazaridis

Matt MacKay

My name is Matt MacKay, I am currently a 3rd year BBA and the Vice President of Corporate Relations. In my spare time, I am a hockey fan, avid golfer and reader. Prior to becoming involved on campus, I spent my time playing Junior hockey in Elmira and Cambridge, where I held leadership roles. Since then, I have been involved in innovative events in the Corporate Portfolio of the Laurier Sales Association. I decided to join Lazsoc to provide value to the student body and rally a strong network for students to utilize. I am excited to watch my colleagues interact with our event attendees at our, and our partnered club events to showcase the limitless potential of Laurier Business. This year, I am fortunate enough to work with such a highly motivated group to provide our students an unforgettable experience during their time at Laurier.


VP of Corporate Relations