Michael Veloso – Lazaridis

Michael Veloso

Hi, my name is Michael Veloso and I am a software developer for LazSoc 2020/2021. My role is to help make our digital platforms easily accessible and well organized to ensure students have the best experience when looking into what LazSoc has to offer.
I am a 3rd year BBA/Computer Science student and I’m most interested in pursing a future career involving marketing and databases, but that can honestly change at any moment. Thanks to the Co-op program at Laurier, I have experience as a Python Programmer/Business Analyst and if you would like to hear more on that please hit me up.
My advice for any incoming students is to try as many new things as you can. This is a time in your life meant for experiencing new things and finding out what you like (and don’t like) so don’t be afraid of failing, you got plenty of time.
If you have any questions about me, the program I am in or my experience with Laurier or Co-op, please feel free to message me.


Software Developer